SEATTLE -- Transient whales, also known as Bigg’s killer whales, were familiar visitors to Pacific Northwest waters this spring.

“Sure enough, we’ve had record sightings of Bigg’s whales in these waters the last several years and we just may top that this year,” says Capt,. Mark Malleson of Prince of Whales Whale Watching in Victoria. “Some of the transients are almost becoming ‘resident transients’ – the T065As for example were reported over 40 days in the Salish Sea in both 2014 and 2015.”

According to the Pacific Whale Watch Association, there are about 320 individually identified transient killer whales along the west coast of North America.

Scientists have reported a boom in the seal and sea lion population in the Salish Sea, giving Bigg’s killer whales plenty to eat.

Back in May, a whale-on-whale battle between transient whales and 40-ton gray whales played out not far offshore from Everett.

Check out some great photos of our ‘resident transients’ this Spring.