REDMOND, Wash. — When it comes to the snow, is your glass half full or half empty?

The "attitude adjustment" is the most popular drink at SoulFood CoffeeHouse in Redmond right now.

“Definitely multiple times a day. Some people have two a day,” said manager Haley Nicholls. “I think people are trying to adjust the attitude to the snow.”

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The drink is made with hemp milk, cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut and honey.

The store boasts a sign that says "Everybody Love Everybody!" Except, the saying doesn't extend to snow. 

“Hate’s a strong word," Nicholls said with a laugh. "I’d prefer it not be snowing.”

On the east side of Lake Washington, people tried to look on the bright side as several more inches of snow flurried to the ground Monday. Roads were abnormally empty of vehicles, as were coffee shops like SoulFood.

The store still had people hoping to get a reading from one of their psychics, and we wanted to know when the snow, and all the attitude, would go away.

 “I’m getting two days where it’s going to be coming down like this, two more days,” said psychic Pam Drinnon.

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Snow can have a calming effect, Drinnon says, because it gives us time to rest and find peace. Plus, she predicts the snow is almost over. 

So we should embrace it like a warm cup that’s half full.