Paul Allen is launching a three-day music and culture festival that will come to Seattle May 2017.

Upstream Music Festival and Summit, which is scheduled for May 11-13, will bring over 200 artists to Pioneer Square and CenturyLink’s North Lot to celebrate arts in Seattle with “intimate performances, surprising collaborations, and curated stages.”

Upstream’s website said the festival will combine music, gaming, tech, media, and design into the three day affair that is “designed to promote music discovery, spark transformative conversations and foster opportunities for emerging artists.”

Activities also include breakout sessions and keynote speakers to discuss challenges within the industry.

“Upstream will celebrate the sound and culture of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest,” said Allen in a press release. “We have a thriving music scene filled with emerging artists that deserve more exposure, resources and attention. The greatest value of art, whatever the medium, is when it’s shared widely.”

Pre-sale tickets will be available Fall 2016.

KEXP and the Alliance for Pioneer Square have partnered with the festival.