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How to support the patients at Mary Bridge Children's in Tacoma

Naomi may be small, but her bravery is unmatched - and with your donations, you can help kids just like her. Sponsored by Multicare - Mary Bridge Children's.

TACOMA, Wash. — Naomi Myers is six and a half years old. She's a superstar at jump rope and a future superstar at the hula-hoop. But when she was born, Naomi was silent.

"When she was born, and she didn't cry," says her mother, Kristin Wright.

"That's when everyone was like, 'that's not normal'," says her father, Chad Myers.

The family connected with Dr. Mark Boseley, who informed Kristin and Chad that Naomi was born with a congenital laryngeal web, a rare condition that affects the vocal cords. It can make it hard to breathe and affect the vocal quality.

At just five days old, Naomi had her first surgery at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

"It was definitely a shock for us," says Wright. "I don't think anyone can prepare you to see your kid in the ICU or on a breathing tube, but we're lucky because the staff at Mary Bridge teamed up together, and they were amazing at helping us navigate that."

Since then, Dr. Boseley and the nurses of Mary Bridge have been with Naomi every step of the way. And by donating to Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation, you can directly help kids like Naomi be their best selves.

Credit: Kristin Wright
Naomi's doctor and nurses help her feel comfortable at Mary Bridge.

From dance parties in the playroom, to helping Naomi feel before a surgery - the staff finds creative ways to take care of the children.

"Her surgeon knew she was really interested in Frozen 2, and so when she was sedated, he made sure Frozen 2 was playing," Wright says. "That's just a small tidbit of how Mary Bridge and Dr. Boseley have cared for Naomi."

It's not been an easy path for Naomi, but she's a champion. And through the years, the doctors and nurses of Mary Bridge have helped her to become the superstar she is today.

"Having someone care for your child on such a small but meaningful level was huge. It's just someone caring for our child the way you would," Wright says.

Because kids like Naomi deserve the best - and with support from donors and the community, Mary Bridge Children's makes that happen.

"It's all those things you don't think is a big deal, but it really does impact the experience for the whole family," says Wright.


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