In Washington, more than 8,000 kids are living in foster care. Older children are often some of the hardest to place, and they age out of the system once they turn 18. In this week's A Family for Me, we meet a young man who still has time and hope.

Since entering foster care in 2007, Tre'Vell has come a long way. The 16-year-old is excelling in school, and is described as enthusiastic and motivated. Tre'Vell loves playing football, singing and dancing. He is also learning to play the trumpet.

Although Tre'Vell has hearing difficulties, he is fluent in American Sign Language and is an excellent lip reader. He had cochlear implant surgery on his left ear and wears a hearing aid in his right ear.

Case workers say it's important for his adoptive parents to understand how chronic early neglect can impact a child's development. They say he's excited about being adopted and is open to the possibilities.

"I'm looking for a home that has its own kind of traditions, its own style of doing things because I think it would be unique to be in a family," Tre'Vell said.

For more information, visit the World Association for Children and Parents website. You can also call (206) 575-4550 or (800) 732-1887.