In this week's A Family for Me, we meet 6-year-old Leroy. He's one of nearly 1,400 kids in Washington available for adoption.

Leroy, or LJ as he likes to be called, is defying the odds. He has special needs and is mostly non-verbal.

Some thought he would never talk. But he's now making huge progress. Leroy is learning sign language in school and has speech assistant devices. His social worker says he's beginning to talk and now has a vocabulary of six words.

Leroy is a very affectionate little boy who loves the nurturing attention of the significant adults in his life.

He is a boy with a happy spirit who loves cars, figuring out how things work, and one-on-one attention.

A parent or parents who are knowledgeable and experienced with children who have special needs would be a great fit for Leroy.