In this week's A Family for Me, we meet Faith. She's one of nearly 1,400 kids in Washington available for adoption.

Faith is a friendly and outgoing 12-year-old who loves to spend time outdoors.

"My favorite thing to do is going camping, swimming, play on the trampoline," Faith said.

She's working hard in school to overcome the many times she's moved. Faith would benefit from parents who can be a strong advocate for her education. When she grows up, Faith says she wants to be an actress, a singer or a teacher.

"I want to help kids when I grow up because I like toddlers and babies," Faith said.

Faith's social worker would like to hear from couples or single mom and says faith will do best as the only child or as the youngest child.

For more information, visit the World Association for Children and Parents website. You can also call (206) 575-4550 or (800) 732-1887.