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A Family For Me: Meet Colen

Meet Colen: a 10-year-old who loves planes, trains, and bugs.

SEATTLE, Wash — Ten-year-old Colen is incredibly creative. He is continually trying to invent new things with odds and ends around the house. But even if an invention doesn’t work out, he will keep trying.

He is also very inquisitive and the kind of kid who wants to know how everything works. He also loves airplanes!

Colen loves talking about bugs, especially the praying mantis. He likes studying insects, both in the pages of books and in the great outdoors. Many of Colen's bug pals live in the garden, where he spends much of his time. He is a plant enthusiast as well and likes to track the life of a vegetable from seed to consumption. Colen is very involved in planting seeds, watching them grow, and picking the food when it’s all ready. He loves being outside where he can continue to discover the world around him. He also loves storms. For him, the windier the better!

Colen’s small classroom environment at school continues to work well for him. His favorite subject is science, where he can study and learn about the things that interest him most. Biology is exciting to Colen, but he also loves learning about electricity!

One-on-one attention is really great for this 10-year-old. He makes great progress in the tougher subjects when he has a good teacher or mentor by his side.

Colen looks forward to going to school each day and enjoys dressing up and looking nice for class.

Always quick to smile or laugh, Colen is a sweet kid with a great sense of humor. With his bright and expressive personality, it’s hard to be around Colen without a smile on your face.

Colen would really like to be adopted. He is great at expressing just how he feels and what he wants in his life. Patience and open communication are important for Colen; he likes to be heard and acknowledged by the people around him. Colen is affectionate, loving, and would be delighted to have his warmth reciprocated by his adoptive family. The people who know Colen best describe him as “a really unique kid" -- one who marches to the beat of his own drum. He is too much of an individual to follow the crowd.

A family who is patient, warm, and kindhearted would be a great fit for Colen. The best match would be an adoptive family who is very experienced with children and has the capability to raise Colen with the kind of parenting that will help him thrive.

If you'd like to learn more about Colen, contact Holt International at 206-922-1515.