Don't count the Polish hot dog out just yet.

In the last couple of weeks, customers noticed Costco made a number of key changes to its iconic food court menu. The Polish hot dog joined several items to get the ax, getting swapped out for healthier alternatives.

At least two petitions are now in circulation, gathering thousands of online signatures in hopes of saving Costco's Polish hot dog.

By Thursday evening, petitions on and Care2 amassed a collective 9,500 signatures.

"For all of us Polish Dog lovers we need to rally and let Costco know that the Polish Dog is here to stay!" petition creator Gabriel Galapate wrote.

The petition claims the Polish dog's direct substitute is an Italian sausage sandwich priced at $2.79.

The Issaquah-based retail giant isn't throwing out all of the classics. The $1.50 regular hot dog/soda combo is sticking around.

So what are the new additions to the menu? Costco is adding healthier options including açai fruit bowls, organic burgers (which some stores began selling last summer) and a plant-based protein salad – listed as an “Al Pastor Salad."

Will the backlash give Costco a change of heart? Only time will tell.