OLYMPIA, Wash. — The snow was too much for Intercity Transit’s buses and vans, but a spokesperson for Thurston County’s public transportation system said employees still made sure everyone who needed to get to medical appointments last week made it there safely.

“It was a difficult day, but that’s what we do,” said Grant Stevens, a bus operator who came to work last Monday.

While his “Dial-a-Lift” van wasn’t able to make it up or down some of the county's roads, even with snow chains, Stevens waited in safe areas for patients shuttled in his supervisor’s SUV.

“I just help people get from one place to another,” said Stevens.

Olympia’s Marilyn Lee is one of approximately 25 dialysis patients who made it to their appointments Monday, thanks to drivers finding creative ways to get them around.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” said Lee.