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Olympia protesters throw rocks at police, break windows

A group of protesters in Olympia took to the streets Monday night causing what police called a "riot." 

Olympia police arrested nine people after a group of protesters in Olympia took to the streets Monday evening causing what police called a "riot." 

Just before 7 p.m., Olympia police reported a group of protesters wearing masks were "firing rocks from slingshots" at officers. Olympia City Manager Steve Hall said the protesters began throwing rocks after the officers told the protesters to disperse.

The city manager said the protesters were arrested on rioting charges.

About 75 demonstrators participated in the protest, according to Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts.

There were no injuries, according to Hall.

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"Mob is breaking windows on businesses. Leave the area or be subject to arrest. This mob is trying to harm people. We are engaging," one tweet from police read

"We know of five businesses that were damaged, there may be more, and we know at least 9 officers were hit by projectiles, not seriously, fortunately. Many of them were struck in the head, but were wearing helmets at the time," Roberts said. Businesses included Olympia Federal Savings, US Bank, Starbucks, and a Goodwill boutique.

"We did staff for this event, but when you have a crowd of 75 very angry, and very focused individuals bent on engaging with the police and doing property damage, it’s very hard to contain," Roberts said. 

Police are reviewing video of the vandalism to try and identify the suspects, according to Roberts.


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