OLYMPIA, Wash. — Olympia High School’s baseball team wasn’t supposed to make the state tournament, but standout pitcher Michael Came knows something about beating the odds.

The 17-year-old junior has a carbon-fiber prosthetic leg from his right-knee down, due to a birth defect.

“It’s been something I’ve always grown up with,” said Came. “People look at me a little differently on the street.”

He said his parents raised him to consider himself different, not disabled.

“Maybe there are some things I have to do differently, but there’s nothing I can’t do because of it,” said Came.

He was just named his league's pitching MVP after leading Olympia to the state tourney for their first time since 2008. He also got the the game-winning hit. 

Head coach Derek Weldon confirms Came’s prosthetic doesn't limit his performance on the field.

“I don’t think about it at all anymore,” said Weldon, who named Came as the starting pitcher for Friday’s game against Issaquah.

“When he’s on the mound, there’s a little extra confidence. We believe in him, he believes in us,” said Weldon. 

Weldon is confident that Came can play baseball at the college level, as pitcher or first base. 

But baseball isn't Came's only focus. 

“I want to get a great education,” said Came. And he's well on his way. The junior holds a 3.96 GPA and plans to major in math.