SEATTLE — The local blood supply is at an emergency level after the recent snowstorms prevented many donors from being able to make it to scheduled appointments. Now Bloodworks Northwest is calling for anyone who is healthy to give blood.

Phlebotomist Tiffani Heeren with Bloodworks Northwest said supplies are at a critical stage. Supplies got so low during the winter storms blood had to be brought in from out of state.

“Typically, we try and keep our blood supply between three and four days, and right now we're only about one, to one-and-a-half days," Heeren said.

Bloodworks Northwest estimated that 1,500 collections were lost over the course of three days because snow and ice kept donors from getting to collection centers. There are 12 donation centers and many more mobile drives at schools, workplaces or community halls. One donation can save up to three lives.

“All blood types are needed, so if you are healthy and haven’t donated recently ‐‐ or especially if you are a first-time donor ‐‐ please make an appointment this week to donate,” said Dr. James P. Aubuchon, president and chief executive officer of Bloodworks Northwest.

Regular donor Drew Hendel was back in the chair Sunday morning but admits this last storm kept him at home.

“I thought about going out a few times when I didn't really need to go out and I thought I'm going to be really upset if somebody runs into me or if I get stuck somehow,” said Hendel.

Donors can find locations of donor centers and drives or make appointments online at, by calling 800‐398‐7888, or by texting "bloodapp" to 91985 to download the Bloodworks App.