EVERETT, Wash. -- The Cyclops 1 is being loaded onto a truck where it will travel to New England to divewill be diving on the wreck of the Andrea Doria.

The Andrea Doria sank 60 years ago in July of 1956 after colliding with another ship, the Stockhom. Despite having the latest in radar for the 1950s, the ships couldn't avoid each other and darkness and fog didn't help.

Cyclops 1 is the product of Everett-based OceanGate, which is in the business of making small portable deep sea submarines, the company planning to build submersibles that can travel to more than 13,000 feet.

The cyclops 1 can hold five people.

While on the wreck, OceanGate plans to use both sonar and video imagery to create the most detailed assessment of the status of the 60 year old wreck. Detail said to be down to less than a square inch of resolution.

Glenn Farley shows you the submarine being loaded tonight on KING 5 News at 7 P.M.