Authorities in Chelan County have declined to file charges against a deputy Snohomish County prosecutor who photographed a drunken, topless woman at a party following a legal conference last summer.

Several senior Snohomish County prosecutors can be seen in the photo.

The woman later reported to Chelan Sheriff’s that she did not consent to the photo.

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The alcohol-fueled party resulted in several criminal investigations – with deputy prosecutor Chris Dickinson being fired and charged with DUI and groping a female prosecutor.

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The topless woman in the photo is Dickinson’s girlfriend, who was sentenced last week for boating under the influence after the party.

Deputy Prosecutor Kirk Mahjoubian said that took he took the photo only to document the couple’s bad behavior.

Chelan County Prosecutor Douglas Shae said to KING 5 that the law “…indicates that the victim would need to be in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. I do not believe the place they were located would fit that definition.”