There’s a new apartment amenity in Seattle – carshare.

There are two Reach Now BMW vehicles exclusively available for renters a West Edge, a luxury apartment building in downtown Seattle.

KING 5 has covered how far apartment developers will go to try and stand out to renters, some which include rooftop pools, chicken coops, and a hidden speakeasy.

This amenity could allow renters to possibly ditch their car, according to Greg Smith, CEO of Urban Visions.

“We have two cars now. I suspect we’ll have more,” Smith said, expecting increased demand as the high-rise adds tenants.

Smith said the mix of walkability and transit availability at the 2nd and Pike property makes a car unnecessary to many new renters.

Laura Gonia, head of Marketing for Reach Now, said this program might allow residents to escape the city on weekends. She said the program had previously been successful in New York City, where a luxury high-rise has six vehicles for renters.

“Maybe you don’t want to own your own car, but you definitely need access to one,” she said. “To help kind of ease the congestion that you’re seeing in Seattle, contribute to better mobility across the whole city.”

Seattle drivers are getting rid of their cars at a higher percentage over the past several years.

In 2010, 15.4 percent did not have a car. In 2016, that number was 16.8 percent, according to US Census data.