The residents of a community along the Cowlitz River in Packwood have given up waiting for help to save their neighborhood.

The river is eroding the river bank and two homes have been lost since 2006.

Now, two more homes are on the edge.

Neighbors are trying, on their own, to raise the more than $300,000 necessary to build a rock barrier in the river they believe can stop the erosion.

They’ve planned fundraising events and have a GoFundMe page.

Local, state, and federal agencies have not been able to help.

“They told us the soonest would be 2019 that a decision would be made. That’s too late,” said homeowner Jeff Lovely.

Lovely is afraid his home might be one of the next to fall into the Cowlitz River.

“I need it to be here and I plan on being here a long time,” said Lovely.