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'He's a hero': Neighbor jumps into action to contain a fire near South Seattle home

The first thing neighbors did was call 911 to get firefighters on the way. After that, they say they worked together to keep neighbors safe.

SEATTLE — Neighbors came together to help one another during a fire near a home in South Seattle Monday.

The neighbors first called 911 to get firefighters on the way. After that, they say they worked together to keep neighbors safe. It happened on Monday evening, around 5 p.m.

"I ran out into the living room, I was seeing smoke coming in through the window. it just looked a little hazy,” said neighbor Hillary Carlson.

Carlson ran outside, and that is when she says she heard an explosion. Pablo Gomez who lives on the same street says he heard it too.

"We are like 12 feet away when it went boom,” said Gomez.

"I looked through these side windows here, saw the ball of flame, huge, the flame was very high,” said Cindi Laws who lives next door to the property where a car caught fire, sending flames shooting high near a home.

"Pablo comes running down the street, running up this steep driveway, and then he came over and said 'give me the hose',” Laws said.

"The first thing I do is throw water to the walls to try to avoid any damage,” said Gomez who stood on Laws' property while spraying the house with water.

"I was just in shock. That was the closest I have ever been to a fire like that, and I was just honestly praying that the house wouldn't catch,” said Carlson.

"The fear was if it had jumped up his wall, climbed the walls. It could have easily jumped to the trees or to my shed here behind me,” said Laws.

Neighbors say firefighters arrived quickly and extinguished the car fire. There were no injuries. A day later, neighbors are relieved.

“It is unfortunate a car was damaged," said Carlson. "It could have been so much worse."

In the neighborhood, they say they are proud of Pablo Gomez.

"He’s a hero neighbor,” said Laws. "If they are going to run down the street to save somebody else's house that they don't know, that's the kind of people you want."

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