Another Seattle high school unveiled its first gender-neutral bathroom Tuesday, and this one was due to the efforts of a student's senior project.

17-year-old Destin Cramer says he came up with the idea his junior year because he got tired of waiting in line at for the single stall bathroom at the nurse's office.

Tuesday morning, members of the Nathan Hale High's gender awareness group, along with other students, faculty, and members of the media gathered in the hallway outside a multi-stall bathroom, as Cramer and his fellow students placed an adhesive placard outside the bathroom, identifying it as "gender neutral."

"This is probably one of my most proud moments so far," Cramer said.

Paula Olson, the advisor for the gender awareness group, said about ten students at the school publicly identified as transgender. Of the school's 1200 students, about 20 percent identified as LGBTQ.

Anyone can access the new bathroom.