SEATTLE -- It's not exactly the commute passengers were expecting.

Around 1:00 a.m. Thursday, a King County Metro bus crashed into a telephone pole at South Hanford and Utah Ave South in Seattle s SODO district. The bus snapped the telephone pole in half and became tangled in the guide wires.

No one was injured. Five passengers on board had to be transferred to another bus. No word on what will happen to the driver.

The 20-foot pole belongs to CenturyLink. A supervisor on scene said no local phone service was affected. Crews were on scene trying to stabilize the pole and untangle the bus from the guide wires.

A spokesperson for King County Metro said the driver was on a reroute due to construction on Spokane Street. The spokesperson did not immediately know the cause of the crash and couldn t tell whether the driver was impaired.

The crash remains under investigation.