SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — More than a hundred residents living in a neighborhood near Monroe who have been cut off from the rest of the county due to a mudslide earlier this month are working together to clean things up. 

There are 44 homes in the Skyview Estates development located near Ben Howard Road and 260th Avenue Southeast in Snohomish County.

About 120 people have been forced to either walk or use all-terrain vehicles to get in or out of the town since a mudslide broke off a chunk of 260th Avenue.

"We're also trying to save our hillside, it's our only passage out of our neighborhood at the time being," said one resident helping with the cleanup Thursday. "It's back-breaking work, but we're all in it together." 

Residents initially reached out for help from the county, but the situation is tricky because it is a private road. However, they were told because the county was in a state of emergency due to flooding there might be some resources available. 

On Wednesday, The Everett Herald reported that emergency services in Washington state have started to prepare a response plan to help the residents, including Snohomish County Sheriff's officials scouting a horse farm as a potential helicopter landing zone for emergency air evacuation east of Monroe. 

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