SEATTLE — A man who went into cardiac arrest while working out at a Seattle gym got a chance to thank the quick-thinking bystander who saved his life.

Thomas Loop was training at Emerald City Boxing when he suddenly had a heart attack. 

A fellow gym-goer, Amos Wiedmaier, luckily knew CPR and immediately stepped in once he realized what was happening. 

"I'm incredibly thankful that he was there and showed the courage to step in where a lot of people would be a little hesitant to jump into that situation," Loop said of Wiedmaier. 

Loop said the heart attack was very unexpected. He was healthy, working out four or five times a week, doesn't smoke and was on a plant-based diet. 

On Tuesday, Loop was reunited with Wiedmaier, along with other firefighters and paramedics who helped save his life. 

He doesn't remember a lot of what happened that day-- just waking up in the hospital. 

Loop says he's extremely thankful to the entire team that saved his life. 

Wiedmaier was not only shown appreciation from Loop, but from the Seattle Fire Department as well, who presented him with a certificate of thanks. 

Next month marks 50 years of paramedicine as part of the fire service-- a concept that started in Seattle. While this helps increase a person's likelihood of survival if fire gets to an emergency situation first, first responders stress the importance of learning CPR to help save someone's life.