You’ve seen the promotions and now you’ve logged on to to figure out “what the heck is a rain garden and why KING 5 is spending so much time talking about them,” right?

Simply put, a rain garden is a garden with purpose. A landscaped area that could appear in your yard, along the side of a road, in a park, a parking lot, even on a roof. Its purpose is collect rain and runoff, and naturally filter the water back into the earth.

For a more detailed description and instructions, please visit our partner’s website,

So why is KING 5 making such a big deal about rain gardens this fall? Because Puget Sound is sick and its single biggest source of pollution is RAIN. Specifically, rain that landed on rooftops, parking lots and roads, picking up chemicals and debris before running into the sound.

In our opinion, that’s not okay. Especially when the solution is so simple. No one is suggesting that we slow down growth in the region, but as we grow, green infrastructure should be built along with everything else. And in some cases, we need to go back to areas that have already been developed and bring the green back in.

That’s why on Saturday, October 22, the staff of KING 5 will be part of five service projects around Puget Sound to address the problem of run off in our region. We’ll spread across King, Pierce, Kitsap and Snohomish Counties to install gardens and build rain barrels. For more information about our projects, go to Join us, or create a project of your own!

We’re joining some powerful (and very smart) partners on this effort. We suggest you check the work they’re doing too.

KING 5 is proud to join these local partners and sponsors for Make a Difference Day 2016
KING 5 is proud to join these local partners and sponsors for Make a Difference Day 2016