PUYALLUP -- It's not the Cougars vs. Huskies. It's not Ohio State vs. Michigan. It's not Duke vs. North Carolina.

On Saturday in Puyallup, two colleges faced off in the biggest college sports rivalry you've probably never heard of.

The University of Puget Sound Loggers take on the Pacific Lutheran University Lutes.

Both schools are located within ten miles of each other near Tacoma.

They have roughly 3,000 students each and were both founded in the late 1800's.

The Lutes and Loggers have faced off 90 times before, with the Loggers winning 45 times, the Lutes 40 times, and five ties.

"It's a strange rivalry," said Mary Anne Roberts, cheering from the Lutes' side of the field.

A strange rivalry ... for her family.

Mary Anne, her son and her husband, Mike, graduated as Lutes.

And then Mike went off to become a coach for the Loggers.

"I'm a Lute through and through," said Mike.

Five seconds later: "Once a Logger, always a Logger."

For years, while the couple's son was playing football as a Lute, Mary Anne would drive back and forth between the games so she could see her son play the first half and her husband coach the second half of his game.

"I have to say I root for the Loggers every week," said Mike. "There's something special over at the University of Puget Sound."

And that's why small-town rivalries can have big-time feelings.