SEATTLE – In an exclusive one on one interview, Vice President Biden said he has no regrets about his decision not to run for president, a decision made not long after the death last year of his 46 year old son, Beau, from brain cancer. “It was the right decision for me and my family. What I regret was losing my son.”

And that’s why the elder Biden is passionate about the Cancer Moonshot effort he is heading, marshalling a nationwide effort to find a cure for cancer. “We’re at an inflection point, ” he says, “The single most important thing that’s happening now is you have all the disciplines working together. The geneticists, the immunologists, the virologists. They didn’t work together before.”

His eyes light up when asked how Republicans are using his 1992 soundbite mulling the benefit of having Supreme Court Justices nominated by the incoming President rather than the outgoing one in campaign ads. “They should’ve used the whole quote,” smiles Biden, who was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Every single nominee got a hearing. That’s the Biden Rule, that’s the Constitution. It says the President shall nominate with the advice and consent. It doesn’t allow the Senate to spread the dysfunction that exists in the Congress to the Court.”

As for the future, Biden says, “Hey, we still have almost a year more to do our jobs. I wish I could tell you what lies ahead, but I really don’t know.”

As for Northwest Quick Picks, the Vice President picks a hike up Mt. Rainier over sailing on Puget Sound; salmon over oysters; and a double tall latte over a craft brew. “I don’t drink,” he laughs.