In late December, the Capitol Hill building that houses Neighbours Nightclub and Lounge went on the market for $6.9 million. As word spread about the property being for sale and zoned for development, it sparked reactions from people who say the establishment carries a lot of history. 

Located at 1509 Broadway in Seattle, Neighbours opened in 1983. 

Egan Orion, Executive Director of Seattle PrideFest, says one of his first memories about Neighbours was how the nightclub was a safe space.

"I started going to Neighbours back in 1992, right about the time that I came out. And I bet you tens of thousands of people around the city could tell you the exact same story, that this was the first place that they came to," said Orion.

Now some are asking what's next for Neighbours. 

"I was a little bummed when I heard they were putting the property up for sale," said Orion.

Joe Torres has been working as a bartender at Neighbours for nearly 17 years. 

"It's for sale, but we are still open. We are still going strong," said Torres. "This institution has been here for over 35 years."

The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce calls Neighbours an iconic neighborhood establishment and adds that they would be sad if the nightclub closes its doors.

Orion said, "There's these Seattle landmarks that are part of our collective history. This was a place where people could gather and be with like-minded people and feel safe."

The nightclub has been for sale in the past, but ultimately remained Neighbours. It is still being run by the original owners. While the property is on the market, the business continues to be open Wednesday through Sunday, every week.