NEWCASTLE, Wash. -- At Emerald City Basketball Academy, it's all about winning. Trophies perched high above showcase the success achieved by players that have stepped on these courts. Drills help teach how to shoot, how to pass and how to defend.

But some drills come in the form of demeanor. How to act. How to win. How to lose.

"It's just like you do in life," said longtime coach and academy director Jasen Baskett, "There's things that don't go your way."

Baskett, not a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, spoke of a life lesson taught to young athletes, and being utilized by millions now as the nation comprehends the election of a new President.

"You shake hands. You're generous," said Baskett of winners, "That's it. But it's okay to lose. You have to lose the right way."

While millions of Americans see Trump's victory as a path to a better future, many who are frustrated with the outcome have chosen to protest, expressing fear of the unknown.

"What is he going to do is make sure we're all together. Winning and leading the right way," said Baskett, "That's what a good coach does. Right now, he's the biggest coach there is."