LAKEWOOD, Washington — Lakewood police are conducting a campaign all month long to crack down on speeding and distracted driving. 

There has been an increase in crashes throughout the city, according to police. They say speed has been the largest contributing factor to those crashes.

"I've got [statistics] in front of me where I've got neighborhoods and the speed limit is 25 miles an hour, and I have 85 percent of vehicles passing through that area at over 13 miles over the speed limit," said Lieutenant Andy Gildehaus. "So, that shows us there's a significant issue in a lot of these areas and those are the areas that we are trying to focus on," he continued.

During the morning and evening commute times, police will be focusing on the following ten locations:

Custer Road from 75th Street West to 88th Street SW
John Dower Road from Steilacoom Blvd SW to 75th Street West
Meadow Road SW from 100th Street SW to Mt. Tacoma Drive SW
9000 block of 104th Street SW
Ardmore Drive SW
Angle Lane SW
Elwood Drive SW
Nyanza Road SW
North Thorne Lane SW
Veterans Drive SW 

Gildehaus said police were able to find out where the trouble spots were through citizen complaints and collision data.

If drivers are caught speeding, tickets start at $139 and go up depending on how fast drivers were going and what kind of speed zone they are in.

Police will also be looking for distracted drivers.

If drivers are speeding while distracted driving, they could face being charged with negligent driving - a misdemeanor in Washington state - and face a fine of more than $500.

"There are some people who will complain that this is a revenue-driving issue and that's exactly what it is not," Gildehaus said. "In fact, we get very little of each of those tickets. Most of that money goes to the state but for us, the number one issue is safety and we want to drive down the number of collisions that we are having and we want to drive down the number of people that are being injured in these collisions."