LACEY, Washington — Dropping out of high school was never a thought for South Sound senior Shyanne Knoblock.

Despite a series of difficulties during her high school years, she's all set to graduate on June 17. 

“My whole life I’ve seen a lot of people that are not successful and struggle so much. I definitely don’t want to be like that,” said Knoblock. 

She had to leave Washington state for her own safety, due to family troubles. Knoblock spent time in Nevada caring for the great-grandmother who helped raise her.

Before her great-grandmother died from pancreatic cancer, Knoblock lived with five other relatives in an SUV before returning to the Northwest.

“I came back here when my uncle was murdered,” said Knoblock.

Then she got pregnant. 

She considers her son Ozzy a blessing and someone who helped keep her focused on her future.

“I love him beyond what I imagined,” said Knoblock. 

Once back in Washington, Knoblock enrolled at South Sound, an alternative choice high school in the North Thurston School District. The school has a daycare center for the dozen-plus students who are parents.

When she graduates, Knoblock will be the first in her family to get a high school diploma. 

She credits her mother as her motivation.

“My mom was really big on me going to school,” said Knoblock, “That kind of pushed me.”

Her mother has been hospitalized for months with cancer and won’t be able to make the graduation ceremony.

Knoblock said her son Ozzy will be there.

She’s already secured a scholarship to pay for community college and a four-year school where she plans on studying environmental science.