BREMERTON, Wash. — A no-contact advisory has been issued for residents near the Port Washington Narrows and Sinclair Inlet in Kitsap County following a sewage spill.

Bremerton Public Works reported more than 82,000 gallons of sewage has spilled in the area. 

The public is advised to avoid contact with water in the affected area, which means no swimming, wading, or any other type of water recreation that could cause water to come in contact with the skin or face.

The public is advised to not harvest shellfish in the affected area during the no-contact advisory. All existing shellfish advisories remain in effect.

You can get sick from contact with the water, but there is not a huge risk unless you ingest the water or eat shellfish collected in an impacted area. 

If you were exposed to this water, wash the contacted area immediately with soap and clean water. 

Signs will be posted at public access points. The advisory will be in effect until Jan. 29.

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