Sher Safran lost both of her parents last year. Charlie Emerick, 87, and his wife Francie, 88, were both terminally ill. They died together in their bed in April 2017.

Charlie had Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer; Francie had lymphoma and heart disease.

The Emericks are believed to be the first couple to end their lives at the same time using Oregon's "Death with Dignity Law." They both died after taking lethal doses of medication obtained under the law.

“Intellectually, I was very prepared for them to make this choice. Emotionally, saying goodbye under any conditions... it was really hard,” Sher said.

Sher and her husband made a documentary about her parent's decision: "Living and Dying: A Love Story." They shot most of it with their cell phones, and with her parent's permission.

“It was really important to me and to Rob, my husband, as we made this that the public, even our family, understand they had made this choice with sound mind and went through a rigorous process to qualify,” Safran said.

WATCH: Clip from "Living and Dying: A Love Story"

The Kirkland couple produced the 45-minute documentary telling the story of their decision and some of their moments together in the last weeks of their lives.

“We knew this was the goodbye we would want. Because the goodbye was coming. Either in a few weeks or a few months. Within six months in any case. And to say goodbye this way is such a gift,” Safran said.