Editor's note: The video above originally aired in October 2018

Troopers in King County have made 468 arrests for impaired driving in the first 50 days of 2019. 

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson, the public information officer for King County, tweeted the statistic Wednesday night. 

Trooper Johnson noted arrests are actually down from 2018, when there were 475 arrests for impaired driving in the same span of time. 

Alarming numbers released by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission last year found an increasing number of people were driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, with fatal consequences. 

“What we found was that 9 percent of the population had driven within two hours of using alcohol and marijuana, and the most interesting part is that sometimes people are doing that because they somehow think that using marijuana after drinking is somehow magically canceling the effect of the alcohol,” said Shelly Baldwin, legislative and media director for the commission.

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