Flooding and landslides have taken their toll on Washington state communities this season. Now that the weather has backed off a bit, local and state governments are assessing the damage and may seek a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

"So we're actively out there trying to get information from individuals and businesses about damages and costs they have related to this incident,” said Brendan McCluskey, Director of Emergency Management for King County, one of the hardest hit counties in the state.

There are multiple ways the federal government can aid public agencies, which had to manage the crisis, block roads, clear drains and now fix damage to public roads and other highways. 

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There are also ways to potentially get help through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Individual Assistance program and low interest loans through the Small Business Administration. It's worth noting that Individual Assistance grants only apply to primary residences and their contents. 

Grants are considered a long shot, but SBA loans are much more likely; for instance, through King County Emergency Management or Washington’s Emergency Management Division.

But first, King County needs to total up the damage, and forward both public and private costs to the state by Friday, Feb. 21. Then the state needs to pull together those numbers, and if there is at least $10.3 million in public costs, the state could meet the threshold to qualify for a Presidential Disaster Declaration and other forms of federal assistance.

If you have losses in King County, below are some links to required forms and even upcoming public meetings to find out more information:

FEMA: Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide

Small Business Administration Loans

King County disaster reporting Open House planned February 13

FALL CITY, Wash. - Some residents in Fall City are asked to "voluntarily evacuate" the area as a precaution to a slow-moving landslide. King County Emergency Management is seeing land movement off 356th Drive, near State Route 202. Out of an abundance of caution, the agency is asking nearby residents to voluntarily evacuate.