The director of the King County Library System has resigned after library officials say he violated the library's code of conduct.

Gary Wasdin, 50, director of the library system since January 2015, resigned Wednesday during a board meeting.

A public relations firm says Wasdin, to their knowledge, has not broken any laws.

An employee reported the violation to human resources on March 21, while Wasdin was out of town. When Wasdin returned to work Tuesday, he was asked to leave the office.

On Wednesday, the library board called Wasdin about the violation, and he volunteered to resign.

“When it came to our attention that Mr. Wasdin violated KCLS’ code of conduct, the Board took immediate action," said Jim Wigfall, KCLS Board President in a released statement. "Mr. Wasdin has chosen to resign his position effective immediately, and the Board fully agrees with this decision.”

While the details of the violation are unknown, it happened during work hours.

Finance Director Dwayne Wilson has been assigned legal signing authority until the board selects an interim director.