In the middle of Ramadan, an anti-Muslim note showed up in a staff member's mailbox at Kent Lake High School in Kent, Wash. School staff and students took a stand against hate at its annual assembly Friday.

"We’re trying to learn from this and become a better school where were more inclusive and respectful of our differences,” said the school’s principal Joe Potts.

Potts said he was saddened and angered when he found out about the letter and launched an internal investigation along with contacting the King County Sheriff’s Department.

"No one deserves to be treated that way, talked to that way or written about in those terms it was terrible," he said.

A senior at Kent Lake High School Majuma Ali, who is a Kenyan-born Muslim, spoke at the end of the assembly.

"You have to know a Muslim. If you knew a Muslim, you would know what Islam is all about,” she said. “Hopefully my speech can touch many people and not be afraid of us because we're all human, we all bleed the same."

Over the last five years, Kent Lake high school has become more diverse

"We are about 13 to 14 percent Hispanic, 8 to 10 percent African American."

The principal says the recent incident underscored the work they need to do

"The more we learn about differences, the more we understand cultures, the better off we can understand children, and that's our goal."