KENT, Washington — Kent residents could soon see their trash-recycling bills rise as waste companies say it's getting a lot harder to ship off recycling. 

Republic Services provides trash services to several cities around western Washington, and customers in many communities could be asked to pay more.

Kent City Councilmember Dennis Higgins says the city is considering the request to add a charge of almost $3 per month for single-family homes and $2.25 per cubic yard for apartments. Businesses would likely see an increase as well. 

Higgins says the city has some of the lowest rates in the region, and the company has offered to extend their contract, locking in those low rates for even longer.

However, a few Kent residents say it doesn't sound like a long-term solution.

“It's too much," Chezere Braley said. "We're always dishing out money for extra things beyond trash, so money for that isn't good for people...and families."  

While the increase isn’t significant, Braley would like to hear about more efforts to process recycling in the U.S.

”Why don't we get rid of our trash ourselves?” Braley said.

Higgins says the city has talked about language to get rid of the surcharge if the recycling market improves. He said Republic is making the same request of customers in several other communities, but nothing has been decided. 

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