KENT, Wash. — At Leni Lutui's house, music is the best medicine when it comes to comforting her 5-year-old son. For him, the right prescription is Michael Jackson's songs. The 5-year-old can moonwalk and has memorized the lyrics.

"It was like entertainment in the hospital," said Lutui.

Hospitals and some hard times have become too familiar for their family. It started after Leni met Solomon Haufano.

"We got married in 2010. Had my daughter. That's when he got diagnosed," she said.

Doctors said Solomon had brain cancer. Before he started treatment, the couple became pregnant with Solomon Jr.

"Then dad went on chemotherapy, and then the following year he passed away," said Lutui. "I was numb. I was just numb to the pain. Then it started to sink in after."

Four years later, doctors delivered another diagnosis. The family was facing a second case of cancer, this time it was Solomon Jr.

"It is a rare form of cancer in your stomach," Lutui explained.

Doctors found it in May, and Solomon had to often trade home for a hospital bed.

"He didn't understand what cancer was. He didn't understand why we were there so long," said Lutui.

Then one day, Solomon made a discovery.

"My sister showed him the Michael Jackson videos, and then he was just in love," said Lutui.

If Solomon was having a hard time, he would turn on Michael Jackson and dance. After eight long months, the family reached a special moment.

"We told him this is your last chemotherapy, and we are going to get to go home forever. You should start dancing, right?” Lutui asked.

That's when Solomon put on a performance that was caught on camera and shared on social media. The 5-year-old did his best Michael Jackson imitation, and it’s now been viewed more than 5 million times.

"We went through probably like the biggest storm ever, so it wasn't towards the end that everyone got to see the light from Solomon," said Lutui.

Now he's back home where they celebrate his success. Solomon still takes some medicine, but always close by is the Michael Jackson songs that helped pull the family through so much pain. 

Solomon plans to keep on dancing.

In addition to leaning on the music, the family says they received amazing care from the doctors and nurses at Seattle Children's Hospital.