The search continues for suspects after a deadly night in Kent.

On Wednesday, two 17-year olds were hurt. One was shot, and one was hit by a car.

A 19-year old man was also shot and killed. Family members identify him as Duane Tyson.

His mother, Patrice Thomas, says she has to speak up after suffering another painful loss.

"He loved his life. The 19 years that he had on the earth, he really loved his life. He loved his family. He loved his son," she said.

The young father was shot and died near SE 240th Street and 108th Avenue SE.

"That's a mother's worst nightmare ever, to get a phone call that your son or your daughter has been shot," she said.

For Patrice, it's the second time she has received that call. Seven months ago to the day, it was her eldest daughter.

"She was basically coming home, and they shot her car up. You know, tragic," she said.

That time the gun violence happened in Seattle's Rainier Valley.

"Now I am 38 years old, having to bury another child," said Patrice.

Nathan Jones lives close to where the Kent shooting happened. He says it seems violence has been escalating in the area.

"It's been bad out here. And it is so bad now, it is hard to get control," said Jones. "The only ones that pay attention and care is if it is somebody that you know or if it is part of your family. Outside of that, nine times out of 10, society ain't even caring about it. They might say something about it. Then it is forgotten."

Patrice does not want anyone to forget about what happened to her son.

"I pray that these kids wake up and understand that life is too short to be playing with your life and with any other life. It's not okay," she said.

Patrice's message is the violence has to stop. She's saying it now before another crime scene and before another life is lost.

Duane Tyson's family has started this GoFundMe Page.