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Seattle Chef Edouardo Jordan opens relief kitchen

The James Beard award winning chef opens a relief kitchen for restaurant and industry workers.

SEATTLE, Wash — Two-time James Beard award winner Edouardo Jordan is turning his acclaimed restaurant Salare into a relief kitchen for restaurant workers.

Starting Monday, March 23, Jordan is re-opening his restaurant Salare into a community kitchen for displaced restaurant and industry workers. He plans to package around 250 meals a day along with snacks and toiletries.

Jordan will spend Tuesday doing live demos of his favorite recipes to benefit the non-profit Solid Ground. The organization had to cancel its charity luncheon, as many nonprofits have had to do because of social distancing restrictions.

Jordan's restaurant June Baby will offer takeout, offering three-course meals every day starting Wednesday. 

In an Instagram post, Jordan said restaurant owners need to continue to do the right thing for their employees, like understand unemployment benefits. He said it's important for restaurant owners to tell lawmakers what they need, whether that's rent waivers, rent abatement, or payroll subsidies. He said the last thing small business owners need is more loans, and lawmakers need to hear that.

"Ask for grants. We need money, we need to tell them what we need," Jordan posted on Instagram. "It's hard times. We do not need loans. We are already sitting on loans. We do not need debt on top of debt."

Chef Jordan is not alone in getting people to call their lawmakers. Other small businesses in the Seattle area are encouraging the public to call lawmakers and ask them to help small businesses. If you'd like to call your lawmaker, you can at 202-224-3121. If you'd like to donate to Chef Jordan's local relief effort or if you need help, check out his website and his social media feed

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