An Ivar's restaurant in Seattle is giving away compost to its customers to thank them for helping them being green.

Since 2008, the area's 23 restaurants have composted food waste and have also recycled or composted items like bowls, drinkware and utensils. The effort had led to keeping 5,000 tons of waste out of area landfills. Since food breaks down into methane, which is an Ozone-depleting gas, this is a sustainability success story.

"It's really important to us just being a leader in green practices," says Jim Werth, Ivar's marketing manager. "Customers expect it from us but we also believe it's the right thing to do within the community that we live. Seattle just has a strong support in environmental practices."

Ivar's is partnering with Cedar Grove to give away 250 bags of compost between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Aurora Avenue location. A gardening educator from Seattle Tilth will also be on site to answer questions.