An interracial couple wants to send the message that racism and intolerance continue to happen in Seattle - and they want the community to say it will not be tolerated.

They are sharing their recent experience, saying it is proof of the problem.

Alex Dugdale and Kylie Steinbach say the incident happened on St. Patrick's Day. They ordered a Lyft to take them from Lake City to Shoreline.

They say the Lyft driver arrived early, and the couple complimented him for having mints and candy for customers. But when Alex asked the driver to stop at 7-Eleven, the ride was over.

Dugdale claims the driver said, "You know what, you guys can get out of here. I am canceling your ride. Get out of my car."

Dugdale then exited the car and walked around to open the door for his girlfriend. He heard Steinbach ask the driver, "Why?"

Steinbach said at that point, the driver turned a camera that was mounted on the dashboard around so it was recording her.

"I couldn't imagine what we possibly had done in that time. Why on earth are we being told to get out of the car?" asked Steinbach.

Dugdale then said, "He might not like mixed-race couples."

As they started to walk away, Dugdale says the driver rolled down his window and yelled profanities and a racial slur at them.

"He said that word. He said the n-word, and because of that it took it to a whole other level of harassment," said Dugdale.

The couple contacted Lyft to complain and were disappointed by the initial response.

"He didn't bother asking what the altercation was. He just said, okay, we won't pair you with this driver again," said Steinbach.

Since that interaction, the couple has received an email and a phone call from Lfyt, letting them know the incident is under investigation.

Dugdale and Steinbach say they want Lyft to review the video the driver recorded, cut ties with the driver, and apologize.

The couple has filed a police report about the Lyft ride and posted about it on social media as well.

Lyft spokesperson Kate Margolis sent KING 5 the following statement:

"These allegations are extremely concerning - this type of behavior would constitute a violation of Lyft's anti-discrimination policy, which can result in permanent deactivation from the Lyft platform. We absolutely do not tolerate any form of discrimination and are committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community. We have reached out to the driver and passenger. Both parties are alleging inappropriate behavior, and we are continuing to investigate this incident. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation."

In regards to the driver alleging inappropriate behavior, Dugdale says, "That is completely false. The driver is wrong. We did nothing wrong or inappropriate."

KING 5 was unable to reach the driver for comment.