On Friday, Mayor Ed Murray unveiled a long-awaited public safety action plan for a neighborhood plagued with crime. But is it too little, too late for people who live in the Chinatown-International District?

KING 5 asked that question to community members.

"I think people want to see the city hire a public safety office like Donnie Chin to patrol this neighborhood 24/7, and it's not going to be there," said Dicky Mar.

Mar was a close friend of Donnie Chin, a vigilant neighborhood watchdog who was murdered almost exactly a year ago. After Chin's death, Mar served on the task force that gave recommendations to the city about how to improve public safety in the community Chin worked so hard to protect.

"He sacrificed his life for this community," said Mar.

So as Mar read through the mayor's 26-page action plan, he can't help but feel a bit frustrated.

"I've been around long enough, I've participated in enough of these kinds of activities to know a lot of the promises are very shallow," said Mar.

This time, the promise involves improved police responsiveness, additional officers, plus a new community engagement and outreach specialist.

The plan also refers to better street lighting and tighter regulations on hookah lounges.

Details of the action plan were released on Friday, just weeks ahead of the first anniversary of Chin's death. Will it actually make the International District a safer place?

"I don't have high hopes," said Mar. "But we have to follow through on as much of this as we can."

To read the mayor's plan in its entirety, click here.