An interactive technology platform is transforming how some memory care facilities and retirement communities are engaging their residents.

The program is called “It’s Never 2 Late” (iN2L), and it’s kind of like a giant iPad with various apps. Skyline Retirement Community in Seattle even hired a specialist to show its residents how to use it.

Users can play games, Skype with family members, look at family photos, watch home movies, workout to exercise videos, and more. It's entirely customizable for each person.

They also use it for singalongs. Participants can pull up old videos with words on the screen, and some peoples’ faces light up when they recognize a tune.

“That's one of my standards of success, if I see that little spark ignite, if I can see that they have that little glint in their eye, or if they laugh out loud,” said Jesse Fish, iN2L specialist at Skyline.

Radiant Senior Living, a company with communities in four states including Washington, says the technology has been so successful, they have extended it to all of their locations.