Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a new bill into law Wednesday that allows state residents to soon be able to voluntarily give up their right to buy a gun.

Under the new gun law, starting next year if someone fears they are a danger to themselves or others, they can voluntarily waive their right to buy a firearm.

Their names would be added to the national database, so if they tried to fill out a background check to buy a gun, they'd be denied.

"In 2016, my uncle died of suicide by firearm," said Jocelyn Wood, who came to Olympia Wednesday. "You never know what is going to save someone's life, and what's going to make them change their mind."

"There's an impulsivity, and the bill is really designed to try and prevent that impulsive nature that can lead to a tragedy," said State Senator David Frockt, who backed the bill.

He was disappointed, however, another more restrictive gun proposal never even came up for a vote.

It would have paid for more school resource officers, raised the purchase age for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, and would have required more thorough state background checks for anyone under 21 trying to buy a weapon.