Editor's note: The video above was created in December 2017.

St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday and sheriff’s deputies and Washington state troopers will have more DUI patrols throughout the weekend.

The Snohomish County DUI and Target Zero Task Force will increase patrols Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Last year during the same weekend, Washington State Patrol troopers arrested 53 drivers in King County, according to a tweet from Trooper Rick Johnson.

Target Zero is part of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the state by 2030.

The first two quarters of 2018 had 41 fatal crashes involving an impaired driver according to recent data published by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. There were 48 fatalities when an impaired driver was involved. 

An impaired driver doesn't mean the driver has only consumed alcohol; marijuana, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medications can make a driver become impaired.

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