One of Seattle's more impressive art galleries is not in a museum or school; it's in a place many of us hope we never have to visit. Hundreds of art pieces hang on the walls of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Many of the works seen on the walls of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance are connected to the disease in some way, helping soothe people who are trying to overcome a difficult diagnosis.

“My husband would say when he came in here there never was anything that was negative, it was always a calm place to come,” said Julie Speidel, an artist who donated one of her pieces to SCCA after her husband was treated for stage four melanoma.

Speidel wanted to give back to the institution that helped save her husband.

“The trial was successful, we are now disease free, and we are blessed,” Speidel said last year while showing off the work.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has more than 300 pieces of art on display. The goal is to create a calming, soothing atmosphere, amid the uncertainty and anguish patients are trying to overcome.

Rick Kirsten, who owned a gallery, inspects the art, and helps clean and maintain it.

“The serenity just emanates from the whole piece, and the colors are warm, the kind of colors I like for healing,” he said while inspecting one of the paintings.

Kirsten's father died from cancer. The collection helps him, and many others who pass by, heal.

“The art is here for them to make a little disconnect from everything else that's going on,” he said.

The galleries are not open to the public. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance keeps the art private to protect the privacy and health of their patients, many of whom have compromised immune systems.