You know your book is going to upset people when it begins with a disclaimer telling certain groups not to buy it.

"Donald Trump supporters, anyone who cannot locate Mexico on a map, people who watch the Maury Povich show," said Tim Jones, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Jones and co-author Jim Corbett put together an adult coloring book called "I am So Sick of White Guys."

It's political satire poking fun at the president, and all things having to do with "white male privilege."

"Even white guys are sick of white guys, these days," said Corbett.

As you've probably guessed, once the book hit Amazon the reviews were... mixed.

It was picked up by extreme right-wing websites. The authors were inundated with so much hate mail they had to remove their email addresses from the book's website.

There were even death threats.

Some accused the two of deepening the racial and political divides in this country.

"We're not trying to create a divide between blacks and whites or between men and women," countered Jones. "We're trying to put the spotlight on this subset of white men in positions of power and privilege who have abused that special position in life."

The lone non-white guy involved with the book is illustrator Steve Hartley. As an African-American Christian, he didn't agree with everything in the book, but he talked it over with Jones and Corbett and they worked out their differences.

That's something Hartley wishes more people in this country would do.

"It's gotten to the point now you can't say anything at all unless you're ready to fight. I don't want to fight but I do want to be able to talk," said Hartley.

The authors are donating 10-percent of the profits from the book to the Southern Poverty Law Center which identifies and monitors hate groups across the United States.