Editor's note: The above video previously aired on KING 5 after the kittens were rescued and placed in foster homes. 

SEATTLE - Five newborn kittens found abandoned on I-90 this July were adopted out to their 'furever' homes on Thursday.

When the kittens arrived at Seattle Humane's Pet Resource Center for emergency care, staff estimated the kittens were no older than five days and gave them a 50% chance of survival without their mother.

A construction worker found the kittens in a brown paper bag along I-90 in King County.

The kittens, named Moolisa, Millhouse, Coco, Patch, and Butch, were healthy and ready to go nine weeks after being found along the road.

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With the help of devoted foster parents, the kittens persevered and beat the odds. 

17-year-old Alex McCall fostered Coco, Patch, and Butch.

McCall said the best part about fostering the kittens was getting the experience of working with bottle babies. McCall had to care for their every need, whether it was feeding them with a bottle at 3 a.m. or assisting with litter training. 

McCall said the experience was grueling but fun. 

"I think the silver lining is just that they've all made it, and I'm really proud of them.  They've all done really well and they're all really good cats." 

Karol De Camargo fostered the other two siblings: Moolisa and Millhouse. 

She said the two have come such a long way from the days of being so fragile and tiny. De Camargo said the second she fostered the cats, she loved them like her own. 

”I get emotional, but the goal is adoption," De Camargo said. "I'm sad to see them go, but more than anything I'm happy that they are going to be adopted."

Seattle Humane said all five kittens were adopted within the first few minutes of the organization opening. 

There was a line at the shelter to adopt the "I-90 kittens," as Seattle Humane dubbed them.

The five kittens went home with three different families. 

I-90 kitten family
Seattle Humane

Millhouse and Coco went home with a 4-year-old girl who brought her own stuffed carrier with a blankie that she picked out, according to Seattle Humane. 

"Whoever adopts them, I'd like them to know that they are very much loved and that they will be greatly missed. I want them to have great lives and have the lives that all cats deserve-- that they can be cherished. That's what they deserve," De Camargo said. 

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