Get ready for long commutes across I-90.

Drivers headed from the eastside to Seattle will notice a new HOV lane, but the express lanes are now permanently closed.

The closure of the express lanes is happening as crews prepare to continue construction for Sound Transit’s East Link Light Rail.

By adding the HOV lane, WSDOT made the shoulder of the road much smaller, so now if a car has problems and needs to pull over while on the I-90 bridge, it may be taking up a portion of one lane when it stops. Lanes were squeezed to make room for the new HOV lane.

The East Link Light Rail extension from Seattle to Redmond will not be complete until 2023, but when it is done, there will be 14 miles of new rail with 10 new stops in cities like Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Seattle.

Crews will also begin bringing equipment out onto I-90, and by the middle of the month, construction will begin on the bridge.