After another death in the northwest's Southern Resident killer whale pods, many people want to know how we can help the endangered whales.

One option is to build a rain garden. Rain gardens trap stormwater runoff that kills fish, especially salmon, which are the favorite food of the Southern Residents.

If you want to learn more about how to build one, visit 12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound.

You can also learn more about King County's RainWise Rebates.

You can also check to make sure you're eating sustainable seafood. Check out

Another really important change to make is switching to eco-friendly cleaning solutions and soaps. Many of the conventional brands have toxic chemicals in them that make it through the wastewater treatment process. Some even have estrogenic effects on fish, causing male fish to create egg yoke protein right here in Puget Sound. Learn more about safer options.

And finally, don't be afraid to talk to your local political leaders and non-profits. Many of them are involved in decision-making that could help or harm the whales, and it's important they know what Washington's voters think.